Kompass Nachhaltigkeit

Öffentliche Beschaffung

Support for sustainable procurement

The shift to a complete implementation of sustainable public procurement is a long-time process. We and a couple of other institutions offer free support. Networking, qualification, advice, we don't leave you alone!

Due to globalisation, supply chains are fragmented and internationalised. Social and environmental standards are not always guaranteed by regulations. By strengthening the demand side for sustainable products, SPP can contribute to socio- and environmental-political objectives in producer and consumer countries alike. Furthermore, SPP can help you to procure in a way that is solution-oriented as well as energy- and resource-efficient, thereby achieving an overall economic advantage in the long run.

Each phase of the procurement process leaves room for manoeuvre to integrate social and environmental sustainability aspects. 

Sustainability Compass: Sustainable Public Procurement

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European Webportals and Networks:

Sustainable Procurement Resource Centre
On this platform you can find news, case-studies and funding opportunities in Europe. There is a huge ressource center containing information material on various topics in relation to sustainable procurement. The Sustainable Procurement Platform is run by ICLEI's Sustainable Procurement and Economy team, based in Freiburg, Germany.

Procurement Forum
On this platform procurement operators of public authorities from all over Europe (1600 members in August 2014) exchange information on sustainable and innovative public procurement.The Procurement Forum is managed by the European Secretariat of ICLEI- Local Governments for Sustainability.

Europäische Informationsportale und Netzwerke:

Sustainable Procurement Resource Centre
Diese Plattform bietet Neuigkeiten, Fallbeispiele und Fördermöglichkeiten für den gesamten europäischen Raum. In einer Datenbank können Sie nach Materialien, Gesetzen und Handreichungen aus allen Themengebieten der nachhaltigen Beschaffung suchen.

Procurement Forum
Im Onlineportal „Procurement Forum“ tauschen sich Beschaffende aus ganz Europa zu Themen der nachhaltigen und innovativen Beschaffung aus. Sie können mit mehr als 1600 Mitgliedern Vergabefragen diskutieren oder in themen-spezifischen Gruppen Informationen austauschen.

Diese Konferenzreihe ermöglicht alle 3-4 Jahre einen europaweiten Austausch zwischen engagierten öffentlichen Vergabestellen aller Ebenen. Die bisher letzte Ausgabe fand 2018 in Nijmegen (NL) statt.