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Insight into procurement practice

On the Way to Sustainable Public Procurement - The Example of the Berlin Police Department

With a procurement volume in the triple-digit billions per year, the federal, state and local governments in Germany have a major influence in making supply chains more sustainable. It makes a big difference how sustainable these procurements are, because many of the imported products and raw materials are still produced or grown under unacceptable working conditions - not to mention the environmental risks.

Berlin Police would like to make its purchasing more sustainable in order to promote sustainable production conditions worldwide and to strengthen climate and environmental protection. The procurers of the Berlin police were accompanied on their way to a sustainable procurement organisation with the camera. In addition, procurers from other authorities, political decision-makers, representatives of civil society and scientists have their say.

The film impressively demonstrates the important role of responsible purchasing and the associated design potential for sustainable supply chains, and thereby inspires enthusiasm for the supposedly dry subject matter of procurement procedures. The film was developed by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH. For questions about the film, please contact nachhaltige-beschaffung@giz.de.