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Why procure sustainably?

Because socially responsible action always starts on a small scale, not least in public procurement procedures. And yet: Topics such as fair trade and environmental sustainability seem complex and sometimes daunting. Global supply chains are often non-transparent and multi-layered. The eco-social conditions under which products are manufactured are difficult to understand or are concealed. This is where we come in with the Sustainability Compass: With our knowledge of standars, with case examples and regulations, we help you with fair and sustainable procurement as well as the implementation of sustainable procurement strategies in public administration.

making sustainable procurement easier

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support for the 2030 Agenda

Our Mission

Protection of human rights, compliance with labor and social standards, climate and environmental protection: All these issues are not only gaining in importance on a global scale, but a significant contribution can also be made at the municipal level, especially in procurement. Many committed municipalities have therefore already developed their own sustainability concepts, and others are just following them. As a web portal for sustainable public procurement, we want to help you do just that: We provide recommendations for action that you can use to successfully demand social and ecological standards. Together for fair and sustainable procurement!

Influence through sustainable procurement

Sustainable procurement is not merely an end in itself; each makes a tangible contribution: By promoting social and environmental sustainability in your administration, you help to improve labor, social and environmental standards in the Global South. At the same time, your demand for sustainable products and services boosts the market's supply of them.  By aligning your procurement strategy with sustainability criteria, you make a valuable contribution to achieving the 17 goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

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Legal Framework

Social and environmental risks

Kompass Nachhaltigkeit unterstützt bei der nachhaltigen Beschaffungsstrategie

Mit unserem Login-Bereich Mein Kompass können Sie jetzt kostenfrei Ihre eigene Strategien erstellen und ihre Umsetzung nachverfolgen. Außerdem bietet Mein Kompass Ihnen ein kostenfreies und gemeinsam mit Vergabestellen entwickeltes Monitoring-Tool, mit dem Sie den Umsetzunsgstand der fairen und nachhaltigen Beschaffung messen und dokumentieren können.

Sustainability Compass supports sustainable procurement strategy

Benefit from the wealth of experience of committed municipalities. Here you will find practical examples of sustainable tendering and awarding from all german states, which you can use as a guideline for your own procurement planning: Tender documents, council orders, regulations, guidelines and procurement manuals.

In addition, the Municipality Compass provides an overview of the respective legal frameworks of the federal states for the implementation of social and environmental criteria, providers of certified products and the contact details of experts.


A sustainable procurement process helps you to make your procurement environmentally friendly, socially responsible, and energy- and resource-efficient. From demand analysis to tender documents to contract monitoring, there are many levers you can use to make your tender more sustainable. You can find out how this works here.