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Basic Information

What is the legal framework for sustainable public procurement?

The legal framework for public procurement is fragmented and complex. The legal bases differ between national levels, supra- and subnational levels and even between municipalities.



Where can I find support for sustainable procurement?

The public sector with its high demand in goods and services has an influence on market structures. Public procurement is an effective instrument to foster social, environmental and economic sustainability.



What are the risks to be considered in supply chains?

Find out here, with the help of interactive graphics, which environmental and social risks exist in selected sensitive supply chains, so that you can take them into account in your tenders.


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How can I integrate sustainability into the procurement process?

Sustainable procurement can help you make more cost-saving, solution-oriented and energy- and resource-efficient purchases.


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Insight into procurement practice

How does the introduction of sustainable procurement succeed? In this short film, the procurers of the Berlin police were accompanied by the camera on their way to a sustainable procurement organization. In addition, procurers from other authorities, political decision-makers, representatives of civil society and scientists have their say.


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